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Frequently Asked Questions

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How fast do you run?


There is a big range of running speeds. Some of our speedier runners might run 1km in 5.30 minutes where some of our other runners might take closer to 8 minutes. But, it really doesn't matter as long as we can find a pace that suits you.


How far do you normally go?


That depends, we try to vary our distances. Check the Timetable to get an idea of what sort of distance we will be tackling at each club run. Distances tend to vary on average between 3 through to 10km.

Occasionally when a number of us are training for a bigger event, such as The Great South Run, some of us may undertake longer distance runs in the months up to it.

If you organise to run with someone outside of the club run times then it is up to you to agree your speed and distance.


Do I need to be able to run without stopping?


No! We are great believers in walk/running and if that suits you best then go for it. Look at the timetable of club runs and you will see that some runs are allocated as Run/Walk, if you go for one of those then you are likely to find other people who are happy to run and walk with you. Do let someone know that you will be run/walking at the beginning and we can make sure a tail runner stays with you.


What happens if I am the slowest?


If you are concerned about your speed and worried you will be the slowest then let someone know at the beginning and we will agree a tail runner to make sure you are not left behind. No one is running for time at RunFitMum, it is all about having fun and socialising so we are always happy to welcome new runners whatever the pace and make sure that they have company all the way round the route.


What do I need to wear?


Running shoes and something comfortable. A sports bra is thoroughly recommended, but designer gear is definitely not a must.  We do run in the forest and occasionally on footpaths so there may be mud and puddles involved.


Where do you run?


We generally run in and around Rowledge. A lot of our off road running takes place in Alice Holt Forest. Meeting places and times are publicised on our closed Facebook page.



Do I need to bring anything?


No, just bring yourself and a smile. Lots of us run with our mobile phones so that we can record our distance and speed on Strava and for safety. If you are joining our evening club run then we would recommend that you wear reflective clothing and a headlight. We don't generally run far enough that we need to take water with us.

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