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RunFitMum is all about getting out the door and going for a run.  Whether you do that on your own and use our community to give you support or whether you join one of our Club Runs so that you have company and someone to chat to whilst you are running.


RunFitMum started in 2015 when two mums, Caroline Eaton and Sasha Cowley rediscovered their love of running. Suddenly with the odd hour of childcare in place there was time to pull their trainers on and get out for a run.


It helped them remember. Running is brilliant. Running gives you head space, it keeps you fit, it makes you stronger and its fun. But running with a friend is even better. Those kilometers fly by with friends to chat with. So they went about encouraging a group of local mums to get running and RunFitMum was born.  Over the past year RunFitMum has grown to include more and more mums enjoying the benefits of running in a friendly, fun and sociable environment. We'd love you to join us.

Race for Life 2015

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        Caroline Eaton                         Sasha Cowley

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